Chitosan Capsules


400mg x 60 caps


  1. Reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol
  2. It accelerates the healing process of gastric ulcer
  3. It can prevents fatty liver and enhance liver biotransformation and function.
  4. It also protects the liver against certain toxins such as mecury and dioxins 
  5. It helps people to lose weight easily and absorbd nutrients effectively without restraining appetite
  6. Can regulate the acid-base balance of the body
  7. Increases the activity of insuln and dcreases the blood sugar
  8. It aids the treatment of wound with little or no sales forming new skin quickly over the wound

 Suitable for:

  • People who desire to lose weight
  • People with high blood lipid and high blood sugar
  • People with fatty liver, hepatitis or other liver disorders
  • People with gastric ulcer