Parashield Capsules


500mg x 30 Caps


Para-Shield is an herbal supplement based on a mix of herbs traditionally used in folk medicine in the   treatment or prevention of various digestive conditions. Para-Shield contains a combination of plant   extracts in a vegetarian tablet that supports the body’s elimination of unwanted microorganisms while   helping to maintain proper immune system and remedy recommended for maintaining the well functioning   of the intestinal flora and of the digestive system in general.


  •  Expels and kills common intestinal parasites
  •  Prevents parasitic diseases
  •  Good for preventing and treating ulcer
  • Green World Parashield capsule is effective in killing both eggs and adult worms.
  • People who are vulnerable to parasitic diseases such as those with compromised immunity
  • People who are frequently exposed to sources of parasitic infection, such as contaminated water, soil or   foods
  • People who don’t have access to clean drinking water
  • Children and adolescence